Nanotechnology at its best, in everyday products

NanoSanitas is a proprietary Silver-based technology that promotes wound healing and relieves from infections*. All our products contain trace amounts of Nano-Silver (15-25ppm), which is a natural shield against bacteria and other pathogens, thus also defending your pet from Fleas & Ticks*. We produce the nanoparticles in-house using environmentally-friendly processes! Ensuring high production standards and rigorous quality control, guarantees a narrow size distribution of our nanoparticles, while application specific surface functionalization renders all our products hypoallergenic. Perfectly safe for human use (e.g. skin-compatible, non-irritating) and easy/repeated application. *NanoSanitas Products are not intended as pharmaceutical substitutes, they work best as part of a holistic approach to either wound healing or flea & tick control.


Pathogens are less likely to become resistant to Nano-Silver than any other active ingredient (i.e. antibiotics or chemical biocides). We have optimized the effectiveness of our products in tailoring their adhesive properties based on application e.g. dental gels are mucoadhesive, whereas shampoos contain nanomaterials with optimized ζ-potential (surface charge) that allows them to “adhere” to your pet’s fur. Whether shampoo, dental gel or anti-odor spray, the Nano-Silver in all of our products promotes your pet's health, through a synergetic effect that is designed to bring out the best in your pet.



Nano-silver, ought to its attractive physicochemical and biological properties, is the most commercially used amongst all nanomaterials. Its applications are virtually endless, spanning from pharmaceuticals to electronics. Our proprietary production method allows us to extend the enormous advantages of these nanomaterials to a wide range of low cost products. The action of Nano-silver is based on its small size, allowing it to invade the cellular membrane of bacteria and prevent their proliferation. Based on the size, shape and surface functionalization of the particles, they can target specific microorganisms, thus providing a selective action, increasing the efficacy and user-friendliness of the product.