Multi-purpose fur and skin care

With Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil


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Nanosanitas Multi-Purpose Fur and Skin Care Spray. Developed for in-between your pet’s bathing, this leave-on product will effectively eliminate residual and reoccurring odors. Suitable for all types of skin (from sensitive to inflamed), the spray will moisturize and freshen the coat. Utilizing the enormous benefits of Nano-Silver, the spray will accelerate tissue regeneration and reduce itching and shedding.

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Nanosanitas Silver Line Multi-Purpose Fur and Skin Care Spray

Based on our NanoSanitas technology, this spray is designed to deal with skin and coat problems of small to big animals (horses, dogs etc.). This multi-purpose spray, suitable for sensitive skin, cleans and freshens the coat of the animal, as it inhibits pathogens and the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes. It can be safely used directly on the pet’s skin or fur, even in the presence of cuts, irritations or abrasions, as it promotes tissue regeneration. This eco-friendly product (without parabens and silicones) has no side effects and can be applied safely around the mouth, eyes and nose of the pet.



Shake well before use. Spray on the coat, in the opposite direction that the fur lies. Massage it into the coat. Suitable only for external use. No rinsing is required.