Who is Nanosanitas

NanoSanitas is a PLiN trademark, debuting in a brand of nano-enhanced pet products inspired by nature. Through engineering their products down to the nanoscale, they were able to mimic nature’s ability to heal, protect and repel, using Nano-Silver as a physical shield to pathogens. They know that your pet's health is important to you, so they designed a product-line free of parabens and harmful chemicals… but they didn’t stop there! Their nanomaterials were created with the sole purpose of promoting your pet’s health. Whether it’s skin/fur care or oral health, NanoSanitas products are dedicated to keeping your pet active and healthy. To meet the needs of your pet, they tailor our products to age, gender and all other aspects that make your companion unique! Their shampoos for instance, are pH-balanced (gender/hormone specific) and come in both, long and short hair variations.